Pros and cons of smart technology

Pros and cons of smart technology

The technology around you is evolving faster than the blink of your eye. According to expert’s smart technology will be next industrial revolution. The internet of things has the potential to make our lives simplified and more efficient. But you should be cautious while using internet of things, what comes with a boom must have a bane. Here we are talking about the privacy concerns of smart technology. When you accept privacy policies on a website digital touch signage, how do you know that the website won’t sell your private data to third party? It is hard to anticipate, all we can do is to be cautious and call out the smart devices that invade our privacy. Users should pay more attention to importance of privacy in office.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Homes?

It is argued that internet of things should come with identity protection. Many big tech companies avoid this to lower their costs and to meet the increasing demand. The most common and widely known threat in internet of things is an unauthorized or an unusual user. According to this, user’s private data can be utilized and analyzed by the smart devices with their permission. It’s a known fact that these devices are not well equipped in terms of security and privacy. Certain tech companies claim that the collection of user data is for the improvement and to provide better results to the users, but in some cases Rev Interactive SDN BHD, they are sold to the third party. How do you, as a user know where your private data is going? For many users that is a nightmare. Your privacy concerns rise from your own home. Many smart homes have automated kitchen appliances, automated thermostat, automated bulb light or automated solar energy system. Some users integrate all the automated devises to one place, say phone, so they can use all the devices simultaneously. Here, you should know that you are combining your automated kitchen appliances with your security sensors. These days people are very excited to use smart technology that they overlook the vulnerabilities that these devices bring with themselves. Smart technology has definitely eased our lives.

Smart Technology: The Pros and Cons for Securing Your Home | HowtoHome

 These devices are sustainable and help in conservation of energy. You must feel that your home is more secured than ever with smart security system, but you should also address the cons of these technologies. Homes that have WIFI set up, should be cautious of hacked router that will enable the hacker insights to your computer, smart phones, smart solar energy, smart thermometers and smart security system. Your WIFI router will either be your defense mechanism towards these cyber-crimes or it will serve to be your weakest link. Many experts advise users to set up complex passwords and keep on changing them frequently, this is a step towards privacy in building. Every business has thousands of internets enabled computers. Any WIFI enabled system can be a hacked without your knowledge. All your confidential information can be gained via WIFI enabled computers, smart tv, smart speakers or smart phones. The dark side of Internet of things is that customers are giving up their security and surrendering it without knowing where it is held and how it will be used. 

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